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Guaraná Antarctica

The properties of Guaraná have been known for a long time by the Amazon natives. The fruit contains Guaranine, a natural stimulant with characteristics similar to caffeine which allowed them to increase their daily hunting hours. It was a Jesuit priest, John Philip Bettenford (1625-1698), who on an expedition of the Upper Amazon, told the story of witnessing Maués Indians consuming a beverage made from a small fruit, which they enjoyed “as whites estimate their Gold”.

Many years later in 1921 five local businessmen formed the now beloved ‘Companhia Antarctica Paulista’, laying the foundations of the Brasilian beverage industry creating Guaraná Antarctica. The date was a milestone for the company’s history – it was the year the secret formulation was created, which to date still remains a closely guarded secret.

Today Guaraná is grown at Fazenda Santa Helena, a protected 1,070 hectar plantation in Maués, promoting environmental and ecological balance in the heart of the Amazon. This is the only place on the planet where the native Guaraná is grown and cultivated to make this truly unique soft drink.

Currently, it is the second leading brand of soft drinks sold in Brasil, the absolute leader in its segment, and is among the 15 most widely sold brands in the world.

Try out where all this Guaraná Antarctica Spirit is coming from!